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Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ Pad Sensing System

The Pad Sensing System simulates a live AED and allows the AED UltraTrainer to be used with nearly any manikin on the market without the need for a remote control, an external sensing device or metal strip. Live AEDs only analyse when both pads are in place. The Pad Sensing System automatically adva

❤ Prestan New AED UltraTrainer™

Join us and the Nation to celebrate National Heart Month.Make small changes and be prepared to help save a life. Now in StockPrestan AED UltraTrainer™  The Prestan AED UltraTrainer™ offers features not found on any other universal AED trainer, and is the most accurate representation of how curr

February: National Heart Month

Join us and the Nation to celebrate the National Heart Month. Make small changes and be prepared to help save a life.FREE e-learning course Sign up today and join the Nation by learning to save a life.It may only take 10 minutes* of your time to complete our Free online course. The course has be

Spectra® Modular System

Change the way your customer thinks about first aid in the workplace.Spectra is customisable to fit within any environment. It’s easy to match the panels required with the level of risk in any workplace. Each panel will interlock with others to provide a comprehensive and complimentary first aid s

Restart a Heart Day 16th October

  Restart a Heart Day is a designated day of action across Europe with the aim to teach vital life saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills to as many people as possible.  This will be the fourth year bringing young people together up and down the country to learn how to save lives. Rest

TraumaFix® Military Field Dressing Now with Pressure Pillow

Our popular Military dressing has been updated and now includes a built-in pillow that increases pressure when stemming major blood flow. Fabric waterproof packaging. Pressure bandage. Easy and fast self administration. Applies pressure whilst the casualty is being moved. Green camouflage packaging

Workplace Information Posters

A fresh, simple stepped approach to displaying health and safety information in the workplace. Quick and clear to read, supported by additional information and resources online, including a free quiz to test your new knowledge!An excellent source of training in the workplace.   VIEW RANGE  Fresh

Family’s plea for CPR training in every school

The family of schoolboy who fell unconscious during a swimming lesson and was brought back to life after his heart stopped beating for 25 minutes is calling for a defibrillator and CPR training in every school. Cade Ewington, 11, was rescued by quick-thinking swimming teachers when they saw him fall

Feature-Packed AED Trainer

There are two things that save lives during cardiac arrest: high-quality CPR and rapid defibrillation.The Feature-Packed Prestan Professional AED Trainer offers a number of features usually found on more expensive models. AED training often slows CPR classes down due to a limited supply of AED train