Reliance Medical Shanghai Ltd.

General Manager of Reliance Medical Shanghai, Aling Li.

Manufacturing, cost management, quality assurance.

Reliance Medical Shanghai

Reliance Medical Shanghai is located at the heart of the healthcare products hub of Shanghai in very modern premises. The business operates to the highest international standards, managed by an expert team, dedicated to product excellence.
Reliance Medical Shanghai Limited, incorporated in China, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Medical Ltd. With its impressive and experienced management team, the Shanghai operation employs over 50 people, source manufacturing, packing and most importantly, quality assuring products for supply to the UK business, other export clients and the domestic Chinese market.

The Reliance Medical Shanghai team are firstly responsible for sourcing raw materials and components. Cost layers associated with agents, distributors and middlemen are removed from the supply chain. Reliance Medical Shanghai deals directly with producers. The operation has a flat management structure and low costs.

Quality control is the most important function within the Shanghai operation.  By having our own employed quality assurance team, we are able to provide quality assurance at a level beyond that achieved by rivals using agents. Our team assess potential suppliers, make surveillance visits often unannounced on approved suppliers, batch test all products produced and maintain stringent ISO13485 standards within the Reliance Medical Shanghai business.

The furiously busy production and distribution activities work to exacting deadlines, providing the highest standards of both product and service. Customers are always welcome to visit our factory and our UK sales team are ready to arrange an inspection tour.

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