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Private label.

Reliance Medical specialise in private label within the first aid category.  Manufacturing the complete range, from plasters, first aid kits, bandages, dressings, first aid accessories and advance healing.  Comprehensive marketing support ensures a hassle-free route to finished product.  A skilled Quality Assurance team ensure full adherence to European, US and other national standards.

Wholly owned manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China, provide complete ethical assurance, flexibility and total quality assurance.  Reliance Medical is equipped to provide a seamless service on projects both large and small.

Market Sectors

As the number of households in the UK grow, it is normal for each home to have first aid products, and even a First Aid Kit.
Consumers like a variety of consumables, to either replenish or ‘add-to’ their off the shelf first aid kits.

There is currently no mandatory requirement for motor vehicles to carry first aid kits as is the case in many countries in Europe, it is hoped, following the introduction of BS8599-2 guidelines that the UK can follow suit. With over 30 million cars on the road in the UK, this presents huge opportunities for vehicle first aid kits.

Every single day we come into contact with motor vehicles or transport, including private, leased vehicles, private hire and company cars, so having the peace of mind that there is an equipped and functional first aid kit in place, in case of accidents, is crucially important.

In the UK there is growing demand for first aid kits in areas such as cycling, climbing and hiking.  Reliance Medical has designed specific kits for a variety of leisure pursuits.
Each month, over 5m UK residents travel abroad, packing a first aid kit is now becoming an essential item for most consumers.



All our ranges can be fully customisable. Reliance Medical specialise in private label products, applying 'own brand' designs to its extensive consumable and essential ranges.

The list of consumables is impressive, ranging from the simple safety pin to instant ice packs.