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Reliance Medical First Aid Supplies

Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical UK
The UK's leading trade distributor of the highest quality surgical dressings, healthcare products, medical equipment and first aid supplies. Customers can be confident of our firm commitment in continuing to build a network of worldwide distributors and support them to our fullest ability.

Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical Shanghai
Incorporated in China, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Medical UK Ltd. With its impressive and experienced management team, the Shanghai operation employs over fifty people, sourcing manufacturing, packing and most importantly, quality assured products for supply to the UK business.

Reliance Medical

Market Sectors
Our ranges serve a host of medical markets, from professional healthcare products for hospitals, military and schools, to promotional first aid kits and retail. The range is designed to meet the needs of clinicians, healthcare professionals and consumers.

Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical markets it products exclusively through trade distributors. Supporting those distributors in order that our message reaches end users, is essential. Our fully trained, qualified and equipped design and marketing department is here to provide promotional and marketing support, along with in house photography and product development.

The Reliance Medical Shanghai team are firstly responsible for sourcing raw materials and components. Cost layers associated with agents, distributors and middlemen are removed from the supply chain. Reliance Medical Shanghai deals directly with producers. The operation has a flat management structure and low costs.

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Reliance Medical offer a take back scheme for applicable WEEE products, please contact 08456 448808 to discuss how this applies to your business.