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BS8599-1:2019 Travel & Motoring and Personal Issue First Aid Kits



Reliance Medical have already updated all BS8599-1 compliant kits to make sure you are also up to date.

The key updates for the standard can be summarised as follows:

  • A reduction of the Medium dressings and increase of the Large Dressings changes to the Small, Medium and Large BS8599-1 compliant kits.
  • The removal of safety pins from the recommended contents and additional tapes included.
  • The new Travel and Motoring Kit has been completely overhauled to match the recommendations from the Medium BS8599-2 compliant Vehicle and Motoring First Aid Kit.
  • The BS8599-1:2019 guidelines have also been updated to include recommendations on two supplementary kits, a Personal Issue Kit and a Critical Injury Pack, as an extra resource to British Standard Compliant Small, Medium, Large and Travel & Motoring First Aid Kits.