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BS8599-2 BSi Standards Publication


Part 2: Specification for the contents of motor vehicle first aid kits.


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BS 8599-2 will be the first British Standard for the contents of Motor Vehicle First Aid Kits, developed in partnership by the BHTA, BSI (British Standards Institute), medical experts, manufacturers and key stakeholders.

First aid equipment has the potential to save lives and reduce the medical consequences from injury. This new standard for first aid provision within motor vehicles aims to improve safety for all UK motorists by equipping vehicles with a first aid kit appropriate to the size of the vehicle and the number of passengers it can carry.

The standard aims to make it easier than ever before to ensure that all motor vehicles are stocked with appropriate first aid provision, specifying requirements for the compilation of first aid components into three sizes of first aid kits; small, medium and large. The contents of the kits provide essential first response supplies that are needed to deal with a roadside incident.

The introduction of this new standard will inform motorists of the appropriate first aid equipment that they should be carrying and encourage more drivers to have a suitable first aid kit available.

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