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CoolTherm Burn Dressings


Trauma hydrogel burn dressing.
Cools and soothes.
Substantial non-woven dressing.
Minimises trauma and skin damage.
Non-adherent to burnt skin.
Non-woven, gel based carrier dressing.
Conformable to enable treatment of the entire burn.
Benchmarked to the accepted industry standard, with over 20 years safe use.
5 years shelf life.

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Using time-and-trusted medical technology, CoolTherm™ has totally redefined the standard of emergency water-based burn dressings. Utilising a more refined, strong, flexible and conformable carrier dressing material, Cooltherm™ adds a proven water-soluble gel that absorbs the thermal energy from a burn, dissipating the heat, cooling the skin, relieving the pain, and protecting against contamination.

The primary aim of first aid, should be to halt the burning process, cool the burn, provide pain relief, and protect the wound. CoolTherm™ arrests the burning process by cooling the skin, relieves the pain by isolating damaged nerve endings from the air, and protects the burn from infection by providing a physical barrier to contaminants.

CoolTherm™ employs a recognised and trusted formula, that has been used worldwide in the first aid treatment of burns for over 25 years, adopting a non-woven carrier dressing that is soft, gentle, and highly conformable – setting new standards in burn treatment.

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5920: 4g Sachet, Box of 25, 5921: 5cm x 15cm, Box of 15, 5922: 10cm x 10cm, Box of 15, 5923: 10cm x 40cm, Box of 7, 5928: 60ml Bottle, Box of 6


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