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CoolTherm™ First Aid Kit for Burns in Soft Aura Box

in Blue Soft Aura Box

Professional emergency first aid kit for burns.
Sturdy EVA bag.
Choice of dressings from face to sachet.

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Respond to any burn injury with the new Emergency CoolTherm™ Burn Kit.

With the emergency professional in mind, the purposeful design of this durable case perfectly complements the revolutionary new CoolTherm™ burn dressings.

Moulded from an EVA polymer material that combines softness and flexibility yet retains its toughness and waterproof qualities, the compact case is easily identifiable in an emergency, and is resistant to cracking under stress even at low temperatures.

Featuring a waterproof double zip, the case has a clamshell design for ease of access, with a soft inner lining. The ergonomic moulded design is lightweight, durable, and resistant to sunlight. Thoughtful additions are the soft rubber zip pulls that make opening the case simple under virtually any weather conditions.

The case contains a variety of CoolTherm™ dressings for different applications, together with clothing shears and lightweight soft conforming bandages to secure the dressings in place. A simple guide to basic First Aid is included, as are an individually wrapped pair of protective gloves.

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2 Bandages, Conforming 7.5cm x 4m
3 Burn Gel Sachets 4g
1 Dressing, Burn 10cm x 10cm
1 Dressing, Burn 10cm x 40cm
1 Dressing, Burn Face Mask
2 Dressings, Burn 5cm x 15cm
2 Gloves, Pair
1 Guidance Leaflet
6 Safety Pins
1 Shears

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