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Dependaplast Blue Plaster Kit

in Large Green/Blue Compact Aura Box

Can be purchased individually or as part of the Spectra Workplace System.

Metal detectable.
Soft, flexible, washproof material.
Low allergy adhesive.
Allows skin to breathe.
Four commonly used plaster sizes.
Visually detectable in a kitchen.

A practical kit containing blue plasters in the four most commonly used sizes. Whilst incorporating all of the modern features of Dependaplast Washproof Plasters, the Dependaplast Blue Plaster range provides a bright blue colouration that makes them instantly visually detectable should it accidentally come into contact with food. Compact aura boxes are reliable and robust, with the colour-coded clips to keep the box tightly shut, creating a dustproof, and water-resistant location to store materials.

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Box of 200




20.5cmH x 20cmW x 6.5cmD

Literature Spectra First Aid System


60 4cm x 4cm Blue Plasters
60 7cm x 2cm Blue Plasters
60 7.5cm x 2.5cm Blue Plasters
20 7.5cm x 5cm Blue Plasters