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Dependaplast Childrens Washproof Plasters

Fun handprint design.
Moisture vapour permeable membrane.
Acrylic, low allergy adhesive.

Flexible PE plastic film is used to ensure a super-thin, flexible, washproof plaster.  The membrane is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the skin to breathe, without the need for physical perforations, keeping the adhesive securely in place, whilst acting as a complete barrier to water, virus, bacteria and fungi.  High-tech acrylic adhesive provides a really secure fixing, but is skin friendly and low allergy.

Printed with a fun handprint design.

Assorted Box of 100

4cm x 4cm (50)
6cm x 2cm (50)


Dependaplast plasters offer a full and comprehensive range of the most popular shapes and sizes. Plasters are now neatly packed in a variety of boxes, allowing for clear, easy access, and because the boxes are smaller, save on storage too. Ideal for refilling first aid kits or to keep as backup supplies. All Dependaplast plasters are latex-free with a Rayon wound contact layer.

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Box of 100



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