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Prestan Manikins

Realistic to the eye and touch, the Prestan Manikin is unlike any other on the market.

Realistic looking and acting manikin is more acceptable to both instructors and students. Far easier and faster for you to carry and set up at training sites. Easy-to-insert face shield lung bag speeds setup of the manikin. Face shield is secured so it won’t slip and there’s no need for adhesives. Gives each student a realistic experience that provides for the best “real life” CPR outcomes. Allows each student to observe a true chest rise. Full chest rise and lung bag ensures that students receive the most accurate and realistic training. Helps students take CPR learning experience seriously. Face/head tilt enhances the CPR learning experience and teaches students how to open the airway during CPR. Clicker mechanism increases student’s confidence in administering adequate compressions.

Reliance Medical is the sole UK Distributor for Prestan Manikins.

visit to view the full range or to become a distributor.

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