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Pursuit Bags

Green, Camouflage or Red

Screen printed logo.
Tough rip stop fabric.
Waterproof zips and large grip pulls.
Belt loops.
Small bag features fabric stoppers, preventing it opening fully while attached to a belt and spilling the content.
Small bag available in portrait or landscape.

Small Portrait  12H x 8W x 4.5cmD
Small  8H x 12H x 4.5cmD
Medium  11H x 15W x 5.5cmD
Large  15H x 22W x 6cmD

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Portrait: Small 12H x 8W x 4.5cmD, Landscape: Small 8H x 12H x 4.5cmD, Landscape: Medium 11H x 15W x 5.5cmD, Landscape: Large 15H x 22W x 6cmD