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Refill for BS8599-1 Small Catering Kit


LOW RISK 1 kit per 1 – 25 employees
HIGH RISK 1 kit per 1 – 5 employees

Meets statutory food hygiene regulations.
BSi approved small kit content.
Immediate refreshment of original kit.
Save your existing box.
Use as mandatory HSE backup.

Our range of Catering Kits is unique! For many years it has been a legal requirement to use only Blue Detectable plasters in food preparation areas. Our kits go above and beyond this requirement by providing you for the first time with a kit where every single product, even the dressings and wipes, are all Blue. With one of our Blue Catering Kits in your workplace, there is no better way to demonstrate to the authorities that you are taking your responsibilities seriously.

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1 Bandage, Blue Conforming

2 Bandages, Blue Triangular

1 Dressing, Burn

2 Dressings, Blue Eye Pad

2 Dressings, Blue Finger

2 Dressings, Blue HSE Medium

2 Dressings, Blue HSE Large

1 Foil Blanket, Adult

6 Gloves, Blue Pairs

1 Guidance Leaflet

40 Plasters, Blue Assorted

1 Resuscitation Face Shield

1 Shears

1 Tape, Blue Microporous

20 Wipes, Blue Cleansing

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