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Specialists in national standards, we are highly qualified to take care of your first aid category, catalogue and branding. Talk to us about own branding...

Reliance Medical has an extensive design and innovation team producing all of our packaging, literature, electronic material and most importantly, designing new and innovative products.

All of our product labelling is designed to achieve two things. Firstly it is colour coded to aid product recognition, particularly within a first aid kit or procedure pack.  Secondly it is designed to look fantastic in catalogues and websites, increasing sale potential.

Reliance invests heavily in product innovation. Our UK design team work closely with the sales and marketing personnel to understand the needs and aspirations of our customers and end-users. Design of new dressings, bandages and first aid kits has been achieved over the past few years with many more products in the pipeline.

Reliance Medical holds numerous patents, trademarks and registered designs for its products.  The future is exciting. New products are always in development, far more than have been launched so far. 

New Product and Updates