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Who Are We?

Reliance Medical was established by a team of experienced industry specialists who brought together their expertise in design, innovation, quality control, product standardisation and of key importance, the international regulatory regime. Enjoying hands-on business and financial management, Reliance Medical has become renowned as the most knowledgeable and dependable resource in the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical marketplace.

Strategically based centrally in the UK, Reliance Medical has over 43,000 sq ft of warehousing space, enabling it to efficiently service the UK and export markets.  A highly skilled design and marketing department is responsible for all aspects of packaging, literature and e-presentation. Quality control is managed for the group from its Staffordshire base to the highest of standards.

Industry-leading expertise, design and innovation, quality assurance, exceptional products, dependable costs, constant improvement and close relationships have forged our reputation with valued customers. We are proud to be trusted suppliers to the National Health Service and other Government agencies – the only exceptions to the unequivocal promise we make to our customer network never to encroach upon their markets and deal with end users. Customers can be confident of our firm commitment to continue building a distributor network within the UK and support them to our fullest ability.

Reliance Medical Shanghai

Reliance Medical Shanghai

Located at the heart of the healthcare products hub of Shanghai in very modern premises, the business operates to the highest international standards, managed by an expert team, dedicated to product excellence.
Reliance Medical Shanghai Limited, incorporated in China, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Medical Ltd. With its impressive and experienced management team, the Shanghai operation employs over 50 people, source manufacturing, packing and most importantly, quality assuring products for supply to the UK business, other export clients and the domestic Chinese market.

The Reliance Medical Shanghai team are firstly responsible for sourcing raw materials and components. Cost layers associated with agents, distributors and middlemen are removed from the supply chain. Reliance Medical Shanghai deals directly with producers. The operation has a flat management structure and low costs.

Quality control is the most important function within the Shanghai operation.  By having our own employed quality assurance team, we are able to provide quality assurance at a level beyond that achieved by rivals using agents. Our team assess potential suppliers, make surveillance visits often unannounced on approved suppliers, batch test all products produced and maintain stringent ISO13485 standards within the Reliance Medical Shanghai business.

The furiously busy production and distribution activities work to exacting deadlines, providing the highest standards of both product and service. Customers are always welcome to visit our factory and our UK sales team are ready to arrange an inspection tour.



Concept, design, innovation, realisation.

The excellence of Reliance Medical’s in-house studio, capable of producing first class artwork for packaging, literature and photography, underlines our belief that product innovation and good design are essential ingredients in maintaining our position at the forefront of our markets.

The pride we take in our proactive approach demonstrates our determination to blaze a trail rather than follow in the tracks of others.

In the field of healthcare, we believe only the best products have a long-term future and we strive to ensure that in addition to our unique product features, the Reliance brand always stands for uncompromised quality. We prefer to justify the additional cost for quality than apologise for product shortcomings and whilst we might offer economy brand options, we never sell second best.

We are also proud to be suppliers of private label products to some of the worlds premier retailers. Our uncompromising commitment to quality and service is borne out by the faith that these highly demanding customers have in Reliance Medical.




Reliance Medical’s executive team can call on vast experience and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the European Commission’s Medical Devices Directive and international pharmaceutical legislation, backed by an industry-leading Q & A panel.

This, coupled with vigorous processes, procedures and our tight relationship with our manufacturing subsidiary, guarantees that the highest standards of quality assurance are always in our direct control. Our policy of continuous improvement has resulted in industry-leading levels of confidence in quality.

Reliance Medical’s quality standards, procedures and processes are mirrored by our Chinese manufacturing subsidiary.  By having complete control over the manufacturing function and the associated quality control personnel, we can reach levels of assurance that are not possible where agents and distributors are utilized.




Cost leadership can only be achieved where a supply chain can be engineered to operate more cheaply and savings are passed on to customers. Reliance Medical has a lean wholly owned supply chain. Agents, distributors and middle-men have all been eliminated, along with their costs and profits.

Overheads are maintained at industry leading low levels through flat organisational structures, efficient systems, processes and low cost warehousing space. Activities that can be performed in our Chinese operation have been migrated there to ensure that the lowest costs are achieved. Reliance Medical products offer you the keenest prices available without the risk of compromise on quality.



Distribution, production, customer services.

Peter Thorpe - Warehouse Supervisor | Neal Craddock - Warehouse Manager  |  Alan Smith with our dedicated UK distribution and production team  |  Della Uygun - Customer Services Manager

Boasting UK storage facilities of over 43,000 sq ft, a robust and operationally proven distribution IT system and highly efficient production packaging facilities, Reliance Medical is ideally equipped to complement the manufacturing capabilities of our Shanghai operation and other global manufacturing partners.

Reliance Medical has made a bold and ambitious step to invest heavily in a wholly owned subsidiary. We now maintain all of the relationships with the original equipment manufacturers and component manufacturers, whilst performing many of the manufacturing processes in our own factory. Quality is therefore assured totally, continuity is maintained and prices are held firmly down.




Reliance Medical Export

Reliance Medical, the perfect export partner providing European business standards, control and reliability, with Chinese quality low-cost manufacturing.

Reliance Medical Ltd has the perfect package. Low cost manufacturing in China, high quality specification and control from the UK. Reliability is in the name and runs through every activity and process.

We can ship full containers from our Shanghai factory to any port in the world. Our UK distribution centre manages shipping of smaller consignments to worldwide destinations.

Our logistics team in the UK are IATA qualified. Our close links with global freight logistics companies enable swift delivery of client consignments. Our Shanghai operation is fully skilled with containerised distribution.

The Reliance Medical Quality Assurance Team is highly experienced in certification to many international standards, including CE marking for Europe and FDA approval in the USA.

Reliance Medical, the perfect export partner providing European business standards, control and reliability, with Chinese quality low-cost manufacturing.